EHNOTE Achieved a Milestone and Received The Coveted Certificate of Emerge – X Telangana from Microsoft

EHNOTE Softlabs Pvt Ltd achieved a milestone and a feather on its cap for having received the coveted Certificate of Emerge – X Telangana from Microsoft under the Microsoft’s Highway to Hundred Unicorns program that selected 10 startups from Telangana out of 100 applications it had received.

With this certificate, EHNOTE will now in addition to receiving technology support from Microsoft also receive funding and mentoring support from their ecosystem partners like Global Entrepreneurship Network, TiE, Headstart, Nasscom and Startup Grind.

EHNOTE (Electronic Health Records) is now one of the renowned startups in the state of Telangana to receive full support from the Telangana government in terms of incubation and infrastructure help through institutions like T-Hub, WE-Hub and TWorks.

EHNOTE SOFTLABS (P) Ltd started its journey in 2018 with a mission of transforming the health sector by offering innovative health solutions. EHNOTE revolutionized the healthcare sector with its electronic health record system that is designed by the doctors and for the doctors. EHNOTE redefined Electronic Medical Record or EMR that is engineered to simplify the workflow of doctors across their medical specializations.

The EHNOTE as a complete EMR system with its integrated solutions is helping in managing all the needs of healthcare stakeholders seamlessly, by efficiently coordinating and managing patient care to delivery efficiency with patients as its beneficiaries. The professional team of EHNOTE is brilliant and quite receptive to new medical technologies to bring in state of the art solutions to drive wellness across the community.

EHNOTE as a flawless medical practice management software is bringing together all functions into a single dashboard that is quite easy to operate as well as resulting in significant cost reduction in providing patient care.

EHNOTE is proud to have been selected as one of the top technology startups under Microsoft’s “Highway to a Hundred Unicorns” initiative that works closely with local governments and to strengthen the startup ecosystem in each state. It is among the selected 54 startups in Tier-2 cities across India and is one of the ten startups from Telangana state to be conferred as Emerge-X winner as part of Fifth edition of Highway to a Hundred Unicorns hosted at Hyderabad in collaboration with Government of Telangana.

As of now, under the dynamic leadership of its CEO – Mr. M. Amarnatha Reddy, EHNOTE is going ahead in full steam in delivering solutions for high quality and cost-effective healthcare.