How EHR system should be considering the challenges of the current adoption

EHR System – An Introduction

EHR or Electronic Health Record System has emerged over the years as a health information technology useful to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, and health disparities in population health. With the proper implementation of EHR system, the healthcare sector is reaping benefits in the form of improved efficiency, increasing positive patient outcomes and overall population health.

EHR System being a systematic, ongoing process of maintaining health records of every individual is helping in providing prompt, effective, and safe healthcare for all. The EHR system makes health information available instantly whenever and wherever it is needed.

Challenges being faced by EHR System – Adoption and Adaptability

Adoption of EHR System has been significantly less in developing economies of the Indian subcontinent. In many developed economies like the United States, Europe – EHR System in the health care system is working very well benefiting both healthcare providers and the patients immensely.

In United States for instance, EHR system is now being used by about 99% of hospitals as compared to about 31% in 2003. Some of the specific challenges of the current adoption faced by EHR system especially in India include-

  • Cost of the EHR system implementation
  • Lack of well-trained medical informatics professionals
  • There is a lack of coordination and supporting infrastructure among both public and private sector hospitals.
  • Privacy concerns on the confidentiality of patient health records needs to be properly addressed.

To overcome these above-mentioned specific challenges – the EHR system need to adopt the following solutions-

  • Building an accurate EHR System Budget would go a long way in effective adoption of EHR system.
  • Implementing proper selection process of well-trained medical informatics professionals.
  • EHR Systems should be designed keeping into account simplicity of highlighting important information using visual clues, navigation options that are easy to understand and learn to limit the burden of EHR Training.
  • Taking advantage of incentives being provided by the government for the hospitals in private sector for using EHR system with the anticipated incentive being clinical value and improved care coordination.
  • Adherence to new laws for addressing the privacy and ownership of concerns on health data generated for all.

Finally, the EHR system be based on its interoperability and must involve finding ways to make data sharing seamless through third-party add-ons or other technology solutions.

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